Our Values


Just enjoy your Judo.

We are a completely non-political organisation whose only interest is the promotion of judo.

We welcome anyone with an interest in our sport whatever their ability, race, creed, colour,gender or sexual orientation.

We do not discriminate against judoka from other associations who are welcome to join us at training and for the vast majority of our events. 


Traditional Kodokan Judo

We endeavour to follow the principles promoted by Jigaro Kano, the founder of judo. In doing so we encourage the practise of, and development in, all aspects of judo.

Although we promote the traditional aspects of judo we also understand the importance of being aware of modern day developments in our sport and encourage our coaches and players to keep abreast of any changes.


Kata and Kumite

Kata is seen as an essential part of judo within the AEJF and not just something that has to be got through to pass your next grade exam.

The five katas we practise are-

  • Nage No
  • Katame No
  • Kaeshi
  • Juno
  • Kime No

Approaching kata as a part of your own development as a judoka and as something to be enjoyed will greatly improve your understanding of the fundamentals of judo and therefore your understanding of how to employ them in contest situations.