Southern Region Instructors and Coaches Course

John McCarthy receiving his 7th Dan award.

Report by Joe Norman 8th Dan AEJF National President

A brilliant A. E. J. F. Instructor & Coach Training Judo Course today at Hutton Community Centre, Brentwood, well delivered by tutor Peter Green.

23 Judoka took part in the course, which was open to Orange Belt and above, allowing the lower grades to see what we all have to learn, in depth, as we progress from Kyu grade to Dan grade.

At the end of the course, several long serving Dan grades, that were overdue gradings, were promoted, to allow others to progress behind them.

A. E. J. F. President Joe Norman, Peter Green and Shayne Thorn presented the grades.

Special congratulations go to the following:

Colin New to 2nd Dan.

Barry Turner to 2nd Dan.

Michael Green to 3rd Dan.

David White to 5th Dan.

Peter Green to 6th Dan.

John McCarthy to 7th Dan.

Latest Adaptive Judo Course Hosted by North West Region

On Sunday 7th July the North west Region Hosted our latest Adaptive Judo Course. It was held at West Kirby,  Liverpool and delivered by James Mulroy from Tipperary

Once the course was finished, James Mulroy and his daughter Aoife gave a very good demonstration of Itsutsu no Kata.

After completion of the Kata, all the certificates were handed out, to those who completed this level  1 course.

James Mulroy was then himself presented with a certificate, and a cup, and upgraded to a well deserved 6th Dan, for all the work he has put in over the years. An award that many others will never achieve in their lifetime.

Special thanks must go to Peter Jones for  hosting James and Aoife, and for all the hard work he put into preparing for the course and catering for those in attendance

North West Region members with Joe Norman 8th Dan and James Mulroy 6th Dan.
North West Region members with Joe Norman 8th Dan and James Mulroy 6th Dan.

Promotion for James Mulroy

James Mulroy , President of Judo Assist in Ireland has been recognised for his hard work and dedication in promoting special needs judo not only in his home country but on the international stage as well.

He is heavily involved with the World Special Needs Judo Union which leads to him regularly attending tournaments and seminars throughout Europe and beyond.

He has worked with the All England Judo Federation delivering several courses in different areas allowing oiur coaches to deliver sessions that truly suit all abilities.

We would like to congratulate James on his promotion and thank him for his work which has had a massive impact on Special Needs Judo.

James is pictured right with his daughter  Aoife who helped him with his kata presentation.


AEJF National Open Championship 2019

On Sunday 24th March we held our National Open Championships. The event was hosted by the Midland Region at Wodensborough Ormiston Academy, Wednesbury, west Midlands.

This years event was well attended with  players from 6 different Judo Associations and federations competing. These were; Amateur Judo Association, British Judo Association, British Busen Judo Association, British Judo Council, Judo For All and of course ourselves the All England Judo Federation.

The event saw some fantastic contests which players and spectators enjoyed.
The whole day was conducted throughout in the true spirit of judo with sportsmanship and fair-play being just as important as winning.

A special thanks must go to all those members of the association who worked extremely hard over the weekend to make this event the huge success it was.

New look National Board Committee

At the AEJF National Meeting yesterday (Sunday 17th February 2019), after the Squad Training day, we would like to congratulate the following members, on being co-opted onto the National Committee, taking on the following positions:

National Senior Timekeeper: Peter Green.

Events Co-ordinator: Alex Reeves.

National Welfare Officer: Lorna Law.

John McCarthy stepped down from the National Coach position, due to health problems, but will still be very active within the Federation, attending as much as his health allows, and we all thank John for his magnificent work in the Federation, for stepping in when our previous National Coach (Fred Turner) passed away.

Ian Reeves has now been Co-Opted to continue the work of both Fred and John, as the AEJF National Coach.

Congratulations to you all

National squad Session Sunday 17th February 2019

Great All England Judo Federation Squad Training day on Sunday in Benfleet, with Judoka from the South and Midlands enjoying the 4 hour session.

Special thanks to David Kaylene on sorting the venue, mats etc, and to those that travelled from the Midlands.

Coaching was primarily from John McCarthy, Ian Reeves, David Kaylene, John Law, David Norman and Peter Green, with other Dan grades assisting.

Well done to all that attended, and our next National Advanced Contest Course (this time combined with some Kata) will be on Sunday 12th May in the Midlands.

Fred Turner Memorial Championship 2018


Inaugural Championship in Honour of the late Fred Turner.

Sunday 25th November saw the first  Fred Turner Memorial competition. 

This event was well attended and involved visitors from a wide area including some who travelled from the Republic of Ireland and others from the Isle of Wight.

The numbers and the age range of those in attendance was a testament to the popularity of a great sensei.

Sunday's Dan Grade Grading

14th October 2018

Dan Grade Grading held at Mei Do Kan Judo Club in the Midlands Region.
A wonderful mornings Judo saw three players gaining their 1st dan and three gaining their 3rd  Dan.

Third dans were awarded to -

Kerst  Ward from Adrenaline Do Kan (Midlands)

Alex Reeves Mei Do Kan (Midlands)

Steve Smith Ko Bu Kan (North West)

First Dans were awarded to

Edward  Jodaneck Dockland Dragons (London)

Simon Mason Mei Do Kan (Midlands)

Stuart Hannah Ku-Bo-Kan (North West)

In addition to the above grades three other players were recognised for their outstanding work in supporting others by acting as Uke for Katas.  These players were-

Fabrizio Guiza Mei Do Kan promoted to 1st Kyu

Chris Windsor Mei Do Kan Promoted to 1st Kyu

Abbie Mai Law promoted to Intermediate 1st Kyu

Congratulations to all those who took part.

Promotion For President Joe Norman


The Technical Board of the AEJF met in the Midland Region on Sunday the 9th September.
During this meeting the Technical Board voted unanimously for Joe to be promoted from 7th to 8th Dan. The decision was taken in light of Joe's unstinting work on behalf of the Federation. This was a complete surprise to Joe himself.
Below is Joe's response to the promotion which he posted on the All England Judo Federation  facebook page.

A few words from Sensei Joe Norman on being awarded his 8th Dan

Since the formation of the non-political Judo Federation late 1999, we have had various set-backs on the way, but have always overcome the difficult times.

In my own mind, the worst being the early loss of our AEJF Chairman & Senior Referee, Fred Turner, 7th Dan, one of my past students, just over a year ago.

To date, we have expanded much stronger across the country, with Regions in North West, North East, Midlands, South East, London/South West.

We are stronger now than ever before, may not be in total membership, but in Judoka that wish to do Judo, in a non-political environment.

I was honoured to receive my 7th Dan, back in 2005, for services to the Federation, and was completely shocked to receive my 8th Dan by the AEJF Technical Board at the National Meeting on 9th September 2018, in Cannock, Staffordshire.

I know that to try and live up to the likes of so many brilliant, past and present Judoka, for different achievements, which many of us can name, will be very difficult, but I will give 100% effort trying.

Judo has become a major part of my life since first stepping on to a Judo mat almost 59 years ago, in Barking, Essex.

I would again, like to thank everyone for their past and present support, and to help build this foreward thinking Federation into an even better Federation.

(Back to the Future, onwards and upwards).

Joe Norman


All England Judo Federation.

Latest Affiliation


Ryu Shiai

Ryu Shiai under the tutelage of  Sensei Peter Jones 4th Dan have become the latest club to join the  All England Judo Federation. We look forward to seeing Peter and his players at our future events.