Midland Region Open 2019



Infant Boys

Gold – George Harrison (North Birmingham)

Silver – Mason Reed (Mill)

Bronze – Thomas Vincent (Panthers)

Bronze – Tobie Taylor (Bushi)

Infant Girls Group 1

Gold - Matilda Ki-Kydd (Panthers)

Silver - Elizabeth Vincent (Panthers)

Bronze - Lydia Law (Mei-Do-Kan)

Infant Girls Group 2

Gold – Lyla Hickinbottom (Mei-Do-Kan)

Silver – Faith Hill (Panthers)

Bronze – Rosie-Mai Law (Mei-Do-Kan)

Infant Girls Group 3

Gold – Lilly Beasley (Panthers)

Silver – Grace Richards (Panthers)

Bronze – Edith Wicket ((Panthers)

Junior Boys Group 1

Gold – Adam Taybi (Saltley)

Silver – Luay Nisar (Saltley)

Bronze – Luay Saleh (Saltley)

Junior Boys Group 2

Gold – Uwas Majid (Saltley)

Silver – Henry Harrison (North Birmingham)

Bronze – Alfie Stokes (Mei-Do-Kan)

Junior Boys Group 3

Gold – Will Boyd (Panthers)

Silver – Nathan Cassidy (Mei-Do-Kan)

Bronze – Alfie Stokes (Mei-Do-Kan)

Junior Boys Group 4

Gold – Alfie Mitchell (Mill)

Silver – Amaan Sadique (North Birmingham)

Bronze – Hayden Yates (North Birmingham)

Bronze – Neo Carter (Mei-Do-Kan)

Junior Boys Group 5 

Gold – Mustapha Khalil (Saltley)

Junior Boys Group 6

Gold – Will Boyd (Panthers)

Silver – Hashim Shabir (Saltley)

Bronze – Uwais Majid (Saltley)

Junior Girls Group 1

Gold - Evie Mitchell (Mill)

Silver – Mariah Taybi (Saltley)

Bronze – Aseel Taybi (Saltley)

Junior Girls Group 2

Gold – Evie Mitchell (Mill)

Silver – Leah Boyd (Panthers)

Bronze – Leena Nisar (Saltley)

Junior Girls Group 3

Gold – Leah Thacker (North Birmingham)

Silver – Eliza Majid (Saltley)

Bronze – Alysa Treen (Panthers)

Bronze – Maha saleh (Saltley)

Bronze – Zara Majid (Saltley)

Intermediate Boys Group 1

Gold – Brandon Giusa (Mei-Do-Kan)

Silver – Ryan Jones (North Birmingham)

Bronze – Thomas Grumberg Taafe (WYJC)

Bronze – Alfie Mitchell (Mill)

Bronze – Jay Fletcher (Mei-Do-Kan)

Intermediate Boys Group 2

Gold - Jay McHugh (North Birmingham)

Silver – Gregory Roath (WYJC)

Bronze – William Jones (North Birmingham)

Bronze – Daniel Turner-Davis (North Birmingham)

Bronze – Jack Houghton (North Birmingham)

Intermediate girls/Kyu Grade Ladies

Gold – Rebekah Salisbury (Saltley)

Silver – Leigh Evans (Panthers)

Bronze – Hedika Khalil (Saltley)

Dan Grade Men

Gold – Miroslaw Siedziako (North Birmingham)

Silver – Simon Mason (Mei-Do-Kan)

Men Open Grade Open Weight

Gold – Miroslaw Siedziako (North Birmingham)

Silver – Ahmed (Saltley)

Kata Contest

Gold – Simon Mason and Fabrizio Guisa

Silver – Chris Carter and Fabrizio Guisa

Bronze – Neo Carter and Brandon Guisa