Fred Turner Memorial Championship 2018


Girls Results

Infant Girls Group 1

Gold - Appoline Amend (Subarashi)

Silver - Ashlee Holder

Bronze - Lydia Law (Mei Do Kan)

Bronze - Rosie Law (Mei Do Kan)

Infant Girls Group 2

Gold - Evie Mitchell (The Mill)

Silver - Teresa Clark 

Bronze - Neda Bendikate (Kyu Shin Kan)

Bronze - Annabelle Leroux

Girls  Under 25kg. yellow belt and below

Gold - Ellie-May Victory (Manor)

Silver - Madison Riches (Manor)

Bronze - Rihanna Ellis (Manor)

Bronze - Ruby Long (Kyu Shin Kan)

Girls Under 30kg. yellow belt and under

Gold - Ava Stallard (Tsu Mo  Kie)

Silver - Evie Whymark (Tsu Mo Kie)

Bronze - Alice Shaftain (The Mill)

Bronze - Freya

Bronze - Victoria Kabat (Docklands)

Girls Under 32kg. yellow belt and under

Gold - Mia Vuckovic (Subarashi)

Silver - Amelia Bojska (Docklands)

Bronze - Bella Castle (Docklands)

Bronze - Lydia Aston ( Mei Do Kan)

Girls Under 40kg. Yellow belt and under

Gold - Martha Bruton (Tsu Mo Kie)

Silver - Ellie Grane

Bronze - Isla Shaftaine (The Mill)

Girls Under 45kg. yellow belt and under

Gold - Charlotte Shaw 

Silver - Emily Holmes (Suburashi)

Bronze - Lily-May Oudjit (Havering)

Bronze - Layla Oudjit (Subarashi)

Girls Under 50kg. yellow belt and under

Gold -  Daria Danylenco (Docklands)

Silver - Stevie Bearne (Tsu Mo Kie)

Bronze - Poppy Peck (Tsu Mo Kie)

Girls Over 50kg. yellow belt and under

Gold - Sam Rogan (Tsu Mo Kie)

Silver -  Armani Wallen  (Subarashi)

Bronze - Charlotte Armstrong (Kyu Shin Kan)

Girls under 35kg. above yellow belt.

Gold - Mia Vuckovic (Suburashi)

Silver - Layla Windsor (Mei Do Kan)

Bronze - Grace Stopped (Kime ki)

Bronze - Lydia Aston (Mei Do Kan)

Girls Over 50kg. above yellow belt

Gold - Holly Pearson (Black Dragon)

Silver - Gemma Blowers 

Bronze - Sophie Smith

Bronze - Megan Clarke (Tsu Mo KIe)

Boys Results

Infant Boys Group 1

Gold - Aronus Smigelskis (Black Dragon)

Silver - Noah Boudier (Suburashi)

Bronze - Michael Burke (Havering)

Infant Boys Group 2

Gold - Harry Windsor (Mei Do Kan)

Silver - Mason Reid

Boys under 30kg yellow belt and below

Gold - Leon Stronarch

Silver - Matthew Pearson

Bronze - Milo Hazelwood

Bronze  - Oscar Norman (Black Dragon)

Bronze - Charlie Keeble

Boys under 35kg yellow belt and under Group A

Gold - Riley kevern (Ippon)

Silver - Arrainn Smith

Bronze - Charles Masters

Bronze - Ellis  Burgess

5th -  Noah Reynolds

6th - Vuk Vyckovic (Subarashi)

Boys under 35kg yellow belt and under Group B

Gold - Oliver Masters

Silver -  Artiom Varmolich (Docklands)

Bronze - Henry Jeffries (Tso Mo Kie)

Bronze - Denys Denylenko (Docklands)

Boys under 35kg yellow belt and under Group C

Gold - George Riches (Manor)

Silver - Archie Burgess 

Bronze - Yahya Loan Grouf

Bronze - Tony Keeble (Manor)

Bronze - Emil Jordanek (Docklands)

Boys under 40kg yellow belt and under

Gold - Joe Flavell (Blackwater)

Silver - Joseph Tobin  (Havering)

Bronze - Mason Parrott (Havering)

Bronze - Samuel Gray

5th - Henry French (Blackwater)

Boys under 50kg yellow belt and under

Gold - Edward Hart

Silver - Samuel Westlake (Ippon)

Bronze - Benjamin war

Boys over 50kg yellow belt and under

Gold - Danny Danylenco (Docklands)

Silver - Samuel Pellici (Havering)

Bronze - Jack Golden  (Kime Ki)

Bronze - Jack Bell (Blackwater)

Boys under 32kg above yellow belt

Gold - Jamie Leroux

Silver - Archie Rogers

Boys under 40kg above yellow belt

Gold - Peter Bednerk

Silver -  Toby Gardner (Blackwater)

Bronze - Luca Stronarch

Bronze - Guglielma Clark

Bronze - Alfie Stokes

Boys Under 50kg above yellow belt

Gold - Michael Pearson

Silver - Carter Woodroffe

Bronze - Dominykos Smigelski (Black Dragon)

Bronze - Nathan Cassidy (Mei Do Kan)

Boys over 60kg above yellow belt

Gold - Zack Oudjit (Subarashi)

Silver - Cameron Woodford (Blackwater)

Bronze - Hayden Falk (Blackwater)

Intermediate Boys  orange and below

Gold - Kavith Thanthulage (Kime Ki)

Silver - Daniel Armstrong ( Kyu Shin Kan)

Bronze - Max Longworthy (Chelmsford)

Intermediate Boys above orange

Gold - Jude Stallard (Tsu Mo Kie)

Silver - James Arnall 

Bronze - Brandon Guisa (Mei Do Kan)

Bronze - Rosario Turner (Blackwater)

Ladies Results


Ladies Kyu grade light weight

Gold - Caterina Puntillo (Sobell)

Silver - Ela Lukomska (Ippon)

Ladies Kyu grade open weight

Gold - Jordan Venables (Subarashi)

Silver - Zeynep Sun (Sobell)

Bronze - Julie Venables (Subarashi)

Mens Results

Men Under 70kg

Gold - Alex Charalambus (Subarashi)

Silver - Daniel Peters (Subarashi)

Bronze - Ryan Mitchell (Worthing)

Bronze - Zahar Zelenskis (UCL)

Bronze - Karl Summerbell (Sobell) 

Male Kyu Under 80kg

Gold - Peter Hougard (UCL)

Silver - Ben Anderson (UCL)

Bronze - Jack Fairbairn (Sobell)

Bronze - Jack Petcheko (Havering)

Bronze -  Ozzy Rutten (Kyu Shin Kan)

Male Kyu Under 90kg

Gold - Lucien Baulandrea (Sobell)

Silver - Ellis Moldashev (Sobell)

Bronze - Robbie Hayes (Chelmsford)

Bronze - Kirik Sampson (Freshwater)

Male Kyu 90kg and over

Gold - Daniel Blinkham (Freshwater)

Silver - Ar Grant (Chelmsford)
Bronze - Terry Fordham (Kyu Shin Kan)

Lightweight Dan Grades

Gold - Tom Mawdesley (Mill)

Silver - Giacomo Bilotti (UCL)

Bronze - Christian McNerney

Bronze - Mikey Burton

Middleweight Dan Grades

Gold -  Scott Stevens (Black Dragon)

Silver - Kerst Ward (Adrenaline Do Kan)

Bronze - Matt Capener (Chelmsford)

Bronze - Olesky Danylenco (Docklands)

Openweight Open Grade

Gold - Ricky Turner (Caxton)

Silver - Scott Turner (Caxton)

Bronze - Mikey Burton 

Bronze - Ben Anderson (UCL)

Male Veterans Group A

Gold - Maciej Mocznjki (Sobell)

Silver - Chris Windsor (Mei Do Kan)

Bronze - Daniel Reynolds 

Male Veterans Group B

Gold - David Tobin (Havering)

Silver - Neil Shaftan (Mill)

Bronze - Dean Barber (Havering) 

Fred Turner Memorial Trophy Winners

Fred Turner Memorial Trophy

As well as awarding medals to the players involved in each category it was decided that a trophy should be purchased in honour of Fred.  This trophy would then be awarded to either a club or an individual selected on the day. Whoever won the trophy on the day would be given a small trophy to keep whilst the large trophy would be engraved with their name.

This year's winners were Subarashi.

Some of their players and coaches are pictured with Joe Norman 8th Dan and AEJF President/Chairman who delivered the trophy to the club on one of their regular practise nights.